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Changin wheel bearing

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I dicovered that I have A LOT of play in my left rear wheel on my 8n. So much that I can wobble it while it's sitting on the ground like normal. I tried and searched for any threads on ho to change it but couldn't find anything. Is this a straight forward job? Thanks
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If the big nut is tight (450 ft. lbs., 170 lb. owner on the end of a 3' pipe!) then it's probably a worn out hub, the axles are harder than the hubs. See if the axle splines are sticking out past the hub preventing the nut from pushing against the hub, if so the hub is worn.
I am going to say your hub is worn out and not the bearing, common porblem on the N tractor. Check the nut if it is TIGHT then it is your hub and maybe also the axle but they are made of harder metal than the hub. You will be able to tell if it is worn when you get it apart.
I'm finally getting around to fixing this. What parts do I need to replace the hubs on each side and hopefully fix this problem, and where do I get the parts? Does the hub come as one complete unit? Thanks

Hard to say exactly what parts are going to be needed until you get it down and cleaned up. As for parts check with our sponsors.
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