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Changed my 1556 to 20 amp charging system!

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Hello All,I posted earlier in regards to my 1556 snow unit losing the charging stator.The original system was a 10 amp system.I had a later model 20 amp stator,flywheel and regulator from a newer tecumseh oh engine.Today I did the swap.It was very straight forward,I made a "new"2 wire harness to go to the now shroud mounted regulator they go to 'D' terminal on the switch for the coil/module ground and 'C' terminal for charge from regulator.I did have to change my original amp meter [which was 0-10 amp]to a 0-30 type-had one in the box of bolens parts.The rest was just parts changing.I'm really amazed at the difference in my headlites with 13.2-13.8 volts regulated to the battery,I think this upgrade is worth the labor if you have accessories in or on the unit,I have 2 fans in the cab and a back-up lite too.I had to do mine out of necessity,but if you have the parts laying around like I did-I think its worth the time to do as an upgrade.If I was more computer literate I'd post pics but I'm too challenged.If anyone is considering doing this modification and has questions drop me a line.Cheers, Steve!!
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