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cc to HP conversion

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Hi Folks,

Looking at a Generac GP 3250 generator for emergency power use. It has a 207cc engine. Googled "convert cc to HP" and came up with "15-17 cc = 1HP. Doing the math, 207/15=13.8 HP? I had a 5500 Watt Homelite with a 12 HP engine. So, a 3250 watt generator with a 13.8 HP engine?

Is the above mentioned conversion applicable for small gas engines or am I missing something? I know that Generac is a good machine, but that much overkill?

Thanks for your time,

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I don't know what kind of conversion table you came up with and I don't really see how they could even convert cc to hp,just like cubic inches to hp,the 2 aren't related.B&S used cc for awhile on a few of their engines,I believe a 5hp B&S engine is 206cc,that's just off the top of my head so,I'm not positive that I have that correct.At the same time a 250cc,2 stroke engine puts out about 30 or 35 hp stock.
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