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CC Striping

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I've recently figured out that the 60" mower on my CC3225 is really good at striping and wanted to share the outcome. All it seems to take is a roller that (mostly) flattens the grass in the direction of travel and you have to mow back and forth. The down side is that it takes 3-4 widths of mowing at the edges or you have to stop, back up, restart the PTO and then mow. I've done it a couple times now and found it takes no longer than mowing in circles and it's a nice effect.

Picture 1: Yes those are deer! The oak tree dropped acorns this year!

Picture 2: The swale you see in the upper left was dug with my CC3225!

Picture 3: Bigger picture of stripes. I mow about 2 acres.

Picture 4: This is my 3225 after I gave the wheels a little accent last year!
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Very nice! Is that just from driving back-n-forth rows?
OK, the tiller loosened the soil. The JB moved it. What did you used to grade and then level the ground?
Not sure I understand the question.
You answered it. I was wondering if you used a york rake and rollers, but you used the JB.

Well done.
A york rake is a very useful tool for finish grading.

The reason I asked the question is that I have a very lumpy section of lawn behind my house. It knocks me out of my seat it is so uneven. After seeing your photos I'm inspired to regrade that section using a tiller, my dozer blade and a york rake.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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