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i heard i can mount a 3pt hitch to my newly aquired 1710- and i have two questions:

does anyone have any kind of pics (not brand specific) of hitches mounted to a gt

and, keep in mind i am 100% newbie at this tractor stuff, how does it operate -vis a vie- up and down, etc....

thanks in advance,


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For your 1710 you will either need one of 2 Mechanical 3point hitches depending or serial Number
190-833 for ser# 821,101 and Below
190-389 for ser# 821,101 and Above. It's the same as 3point for Hydraulic lift tractors.
For 190-389 you will also need manual lift assist 190-309

Here's is a Operator manual for a 1710

Here's a service manual as well for a 1710

Here's is a picture of what a 3point for the 1710 looks like

I should have mentioned on the 1710 the 3point is spring assisted for lift
Hope this Helps :thThumbsU
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