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Case/vw 444

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This just came up for sale locally.
Is putting a VW 1600cc engine in a common thing??

BTW, he's asking way too much - $5000 CAD!


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No, not common at all. Kind of a waste, as 16 HP or so is what the hydraulic (drive) system maxxes out at. And adding an engine like that makes it so there is no PTO to drive a mower, or snowblower. ------Metalguy
No way would I pay that. the VW engine could be used if the crank end are modified. The pump will handel the VW engine
Not saying it couldn't handle it. It can't use it all. Ever wonder why an 18 horse motor is the biggest they installed?
It is testimony to someone's ingenuity and hard work...but not really practical...or worth that much$$
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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