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Case SC From grandpas farm to grandson

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Well here's my project I'm working on I wish i had a few pics when I brought it home from the farm what wasn't brown shades of dirt and surface rust was pastel shades of years of sun faded primers and a little case orange I got this tractor from the grandfather of my youngest son on his mothers side he has a farm that he is moving off and he has a few tractors but this old 1944 SC forgotten up in the shed caught my eye, In years past I was a Same, Deutz Fahr, Agco Allis, Lamborghini Tech and a farm kid to boot and i have a love of things old and rusty. After I talked to Pa about buying it he asked what I was planning to do with it I responded restore it use it in the garden a bit a little at the horse farm to pull hay racks and when my son is old enough if he wants it pass it to him. With that he said lets get it started and take it home with ya, he gave it to me with the understanding it stays in the family I've had it for a month It runs like a top it didn't take much to persuade it to run at the farm any where here is what it looks like now hopefully in the next month Ill have the Decals on it and the rest of it painted and a new lower radiator hose on it and one of these days I'll get around to putting in a battery so i can hang up the crank permanently

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WOW that thing looks GREAT!!!

You sure did good getting such a nice heirloom and taking on the responsibility of preserving her.

I would love to have one like it someday, it reminds me a LOT of my Grandpa's Farmall Super C I grew up on.

Nice photography.


By the way....Welcome to the forum, you will find all kinds of great people and information here, Hope to see you around!!!
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I first drove my grandpas deere 112 at 5 then at age 6 I graduated to the Farmall C then I moved up the the WD45 with the loader shortly after but this is really my first hand clutch it defiantly keeps your hands busy in tight spaces lol
We had a JD 60 for a few years and I remember the hand clutch well.

Not a big fan of them but they were probably no big deal to the guys that grew up knowing no other kind.

Tractors this size can do a lot of work that's for sure.
A little update engine is now painted and the decals are on also after a back strain I now have a new 6 volt battery and 1 gauge cables all the way around and the starting and charging system is working great, back is still a bit sore and the started crank is on my wall where it belongs lol


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Looking really good, I am in love with your tractor.

Keep at it, hope your back heals up soon.:fing32:
My SC is a 1943 model sold to dad for $995.00 new during the war. it came on steel with no electric starter or lights. After the war when tires where avalable the steel wheels where cut off and rims welded on and starter and lights added. Your pictures make me think I should get busy fixing her up. It needs lots of attention but it's special to me so I guess it would be worth it get going on it.
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I'm sure it would be a worth while project and a great one to keep in the family and pass on some day and there is a lot of parts available for the sc still if you need anything to get started let me know I have located 3 parts tractors in the 42 - 44 range out in the weeds waiting to be scavenged
I wish our VAs from that timeframe looked that good. Very nice Case!
Thank you She Didn't look anything like that when I brought it home but it did run good
Did you have a source as to where you placed the decals or did you wing it. I have to do mine. Didnt know if there were exact measurements or not.
MAN....that looks like one that my gramps had on his farm.... if he couldn't get out in the field with it... he took old Dick & Molly...
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