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case international 275 4x4 nok front axle seal

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hello.Im looking for a nok AQ8648P seal or a interchange seal with no luck.can someone help me out? thanks eric
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If you have seal dimensions (i.d., o.d. width) and type (or the old one), you may be able to take that info to a bearing/seal shop if you live near even a medium sized city to find a suitable match, or a site like
thanks dave_r,I was also thinking of buying a sealed bearing instead of the open one,then i would'nt need the seal.
A sealed bearing is probably not the way to go, as the front axle is filled with oil, and the seals on a sealed bearing aren't able to seal that well. You will find they will leak if you do this.

You need to install a proper seal if you want it to not leak.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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