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case/ingersoll 444 rear axle seal

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hi all, have a 1980 case/ingersoll 444 rear axle seal leak running down on inside of wheel, is the seal on outside of axle end by wheel ??? or is it a bit to get at like john deere on iinside end of axle by the gear box????

thanks for any help, Terry:thanku:
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You can pull down an illustrated parts list for your tractror from the Ingersoll website.

Not sure of your comparison to a JD, but it is on the outboard end of the axle housing, near the wheel end. You do need to pull the axle for servicing it, so it does take a bit of work ... but not really just some basic disassembly time ... nothing tricky.

Nice............. Thanks Brian, yeah the 216 deere was a bit............

Will be getting the seal looks like.
Replacing the other axle seal at the same time may be a good idea. Also, check axle bearings to make sure they aren't loose causing seal wipe-out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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