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Does anyone with experience using Case CNH Iron Gard paint have suggestions for mixing ratios for the paint as well as CNH gray primer.

Can label states 1 part thinner to 8 parts paint max. So, is the 8:1 usable or too thin?

I have been using thinner as the, well... thinner.

Never having painted with a HVLP before ( or anything other than rattle cans) I just don't know how thin it should be. I was once told it should take about 4 seconds for the thinned paint to drip off the mixing stick.

I will also be using the Case supplied Valspar hardener once it is in stock. (Thanks, everyone, for all the respiratory, eye, skin, etc. protection info.)

I have been practicing using the 8:1 ratio trying to set up my gun/comp. correctly.
( Eastwood Concourse 1.4 , 4.5 pk hp 21 gal 8.8 delivered at 40psi)

This is what I have been using for gun set up tips:

I'll ask gun set up questions on a later thread.

And Mark777...Thanks for paint tips.
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