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Some quick pictures and a drawing for making some 4 lug trailer spindles a mild "slip on" fit over your 3/4" spindles.

I gave them a few good smacks with a block of wood and a deadblow until the outside cotter pin lined up. I burned them in with a good hot stitch of weld after as well.

I didn't take any pictures, but I had a lot of slop in the stock front axle pin. Whipped up 2 washers, 2"x.375" round with a .5" cente hole. A piece of cold rolled 1.5" round stock, cut and machined down to 2.82", then put .5" through hole. Used a piece of 1/2"-13 B7 threaded rod approximately 4.5" long, some good nuts, draw it tight, no more front axle play.

Very easy mod to tighten up your front end. I now have equally tight steering both left and right. Well worth the little bit of time invested versus ordering one premade online.

The idea behind the spindles was to prep for a loader. User G.paul on here is doing a power beyond valve for me to make it happen! Any questions, feel free to ask.


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