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Hello all,

I have been helping a family friend get their Case 480E backhoe up and moving and have ran into quite the conundrum. Originally before it was left in the corner of a property it was starting to have issues with going between forward and reverse to the point where it would stall out the engine. When I got to the backhoe here is what I found:
The wire between the solenoid, on the shuttle, and where ever it goes got disconnected.
There were two wires with one connector per wire sticking out of the same harness not plugged into anything.
The clutch hand button and floor button were shorting out somewhere but was fixed when I put a continuity tester between the floor button terminals and cleaned them.
The starter wasnt engaging until the shuttle solenoid was plugged back in.
When it is in gear and you put either shuttle into forwards or reverse, the shaft between the shuttle and transmission/diff stops moving and wheels dont turn.
Wheels dont turn freely when lifted.
When you move between gears in forward with either clutch button pressed it makes no grinding noise.
When done in reverse it makes a noise and 3rd and 4th gears are locked out.
When you can sneak the selector into first or second while in reverse the wheels try to turn.
There is fluid in the shuttle

Both of us are stumped at this point. Any help is grately appreciated

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that shuttle solenoid had continuity between both wires with no visible short.
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