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Case 446 blade??????

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I recently purchased a Case 446, and it came with a front mount blade. the PO said he didn't think that it fit the tractor. Now, looking at it, I think it may be the right one, but I think a mount of some type is missing because the plow will interfere with the tie rod, and it a hair too wide anyways. The model numbers on the plow read J-60-79, and the serial reads J 14396. I cannot find any info when I Goggle the numbers. Does anyone know, I'm stumped!:dunno:
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A J50-79 would be a common Case garden tractor 44" wide utility blade.

Put up pictures of what you have and we can advise further.

The Ingersoll website also has the parts manual for this blade, from which you can get a better read on what is needed.

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I agree with Brian. if yo could provide us with a picture of the area where the blade or mount interfere with tie rod, we'd be able to verify your problem and advise a little better.

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