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Case 444

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What is a case 444 worth with a plow on it? I have a 446 and 444 and don't need them both and looking to sell it just don't know where to price it at.:thanku:


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In my area (S.E. Michigan) 444's like that are listed for around $800 and they seem to be for sale for a while.
Heres a 446 with a 48" snowblower, mower deck, pull behind sweeper and an agrifab 10 pull behind dump trailer. It looks a little rougher than yours but does have the bigger engine and a few implements.
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I would say 1000-1200 in nice shape like that, a little more if you had the deck. I did see that one on the list for $850, but its been sitting for years and it says it had problems before that. Thats a real nice looking tractor, I wouldn't give it away.
At $1000-$1200 you'll really be pushing the top dollar; but if you find the right guy you might be able to get it since it is in such good condition. I was gonna say about $900-$950
Repainted, no smoke, runs good, just a plow $800 tops
I'd start in the 1200.00 range. You can always come down if it doesn't move.
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