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Case 444 TCV operation

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I am a relatively new owner of a '75 Case 444. I recently installed a used holding valve. Prior to this alteration the TCV would stay in engaged position when working the machine. After installation of the holding valve the TCV must be held in engaged position while working. The manual for the holding valve indicates that it may require centering of the lever but makes no mention of it requiring the TVC be held in engaged position. Is my Case working properly? If not what is the procedure to adjust the linkage to make the TCV stay engaged while working.


Fred Morgan
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Please disregard this post. Problem located and corrected. Brake mechanise malfunctioned causing TCV to return to new netural.

Thanks for looking at this post.

I'll forget that I ever read it....:Stop:

Move along folks.... nothing to see here....
Another problem solved :drunkie::sidelaugh
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