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Case 444 can harldy pull plow

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Hi all, my brothers 1975 444 has had a ton of trouble trying to pull a 10" brinly plow ever since we installed a holdback valve in it. I didn't know if there was a diagram of how the valve works to see if there is anything internal to replace or clean to try and improve the drive. It worked well before we installed the valve, the pump is new, and the fluid is full. It just seems to go into relief now when ever he drops the plow. The tires do not spin either.

Thanks for the help

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Just to clarify, did you install a Case holding valve or a flow control valve ?
On the front page here in the sticky's there is a manual that describes the valve operation with an exploded view if that helps.

A holding valve, to prevent it from running away when you go down a hill, thanks for the info on the sticky.

Contamination or dirt in valve could cause it to malfunction. They have small control orifices inside that can plug up.

In my experience, the holding valves work pretty good. You don't know they're there until you drive a tractor without one.

Coincidently, my 448 overheated when I was ploughing, maybe your on to something.
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If the relief is opening, first thing would be to check the pressure. If it's low, check the spring and adjust if ok. It may be broken. If that's ok, then disassemble and clean the holding valve.'
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