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Case 444 buying advice

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We are moving to an acreage at the end of the month and I will need something to clear the gravel drive this winter and to till up a garden next year. I found a Case 444 on Craigslist with the following description:

"An excellent Case 444 garden tractor with original cab with nice windows all around and manual wiper. Has three point and front and rear hydraulics, hydraulic lift for mower and snow blower. Chipper shredder looks like it has never been used, original paint on everything. 14 hp kohler engine starts and runs great, no leaks, noises or smoke. Snow blower has seen most use and is in good working order. Mower blades show little use and spindles bearings are good, everything works like it should. Tires are very good and chains included. Snow blower and mower are 48", tiller is 42" wide."

They are asking $2800 for everything. Just wondering if this is a reasonable price and what things I should check for if I go to look at it. I am new to this, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Of course it's always better to get it cheaper, but that is not a bad price for what you would get.
3 point-400-500
f27 sleeve hitch adapter-200
chipper-shredder 750-1000
There is almost 3000 (being conservative) in attachment value not counting the tractor.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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