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Bought this one a couple weeks ago and finally got it home and in the neighbors shop to work on it this winter. The reverse idler gear needle bearings went out and you have to take the tracks off, rear end out, finals off, steering levers and bands out, differential out THEN you can get into the transmission where you have to take all the gears and shafts out to get at the reverse idler shaft/gear.
I think they put the idler shaft down then built the whole tractor around it! A real pita to work on for sure. NOW from what I hear the 310's were notorious for the little needle bearings going out all the time! The bearings are way too small to hold the amount of pressure put on them, but Case thought it would work so now we deal with it!
any a few pix of some of the tear down.

home and ready to unload

In the shop and part way torn down


rear end and finals ready for splitting

finals off and all transmission shafts and gears out

the problem child out!-- the shaft has a groove cut in it and will probably have to weld it up and grind down to fit new bearings.
Just hope the gear bore is not damaged! -- IF it is that will mean finding a different gear.
Anyway that has been my last week adventure!

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Seeing this thread I couldn’t help but think of a series I stumbled upon the other day and it dragged me right down the rabbit hole of “lost time on YouTube.”
I realize it’s not the same but seemed like a similar flavor.

YouTube “1950’s Caterpillar TraxCavator”

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