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1977 case 222 kohler k301.
is there anybody on here that rebuilts the carb.?
i would be willing to send to them and let them rebuilt carb. for me.
my problem is tractor will not run without choke on, and then it only runs short time and stalls out. u have to wait a minute or 2 for starting again and doing same thing. (that way a couple weeks ago.)
took fuel line from carb. off and turn motor over and have lots of fuel shooting out. even took fuel line off before fuel pump and it just runs out soild stream of fuel. so i'm taking it that the carb. is clog up.
this motor was running good till i ran it out of fuel.
or does anybody know were i can pickup rebuilt kit for it. or part number.
i just when out and tried to start again and nothing at all with choke on and hand over carb mouth and no signs of starting. i even took fuel tank cap off and no go.

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Carb rebuilding isn't that difficult but you need the right equipment.

- true carb cleaner
- solvent
- compressed air
- welder's torch tip cleaner
- basic tools to dismantle the carb

Gaskets and other items can be had from this guy.

I believe that Gunk still sells carb cleaner in bulk that will allow you to soak the dismantled carb in the solution for at least a day.

More info can be had here.

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common to have a clogged jet. I almost always have great luck disassembling and cleaning, without rebuilding. You have to be careful not to tear any diaphragms, or rip any gaskets, but if they stay in tact, and you clean it thoroughly, it usually works well. Now, if you find a bad diaphragm, or something, then you will need a rebuild kit.

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First...put some sea foam in the fuel tank, read the directions and aproxiimate the amount required per the fuel tank capacity (full). It won't hurt if you put a little more then stated into the fuel.
Pull the main jet out (big screw on top of the carb by the throttle/governor linkage)...clean it...if any of the tiny holes are clogged clean them out (use wire from a garbage bag tie) the jet. Turn it in completely and do not torque on it...just lightly turn it by hand until it stops. Turn it back out about 2 turns. Start it up and adjust the screw just a little at a time. When engine starts running like crap..stop and note the position of the slot in the screw. Now turn it back the opposite direction very slowly until it runs like crap...stop and not the position of the screw again. Now turn the screw the opposite direction again until it's about half way between the two positions you noted when it started running like crap.
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