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Case 1964 580 CK won`t start

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Hi wondering if some knows how to check to see if my case is getting fuel in the injectors she won`t start. She ran great two weeks ago parked her now she will not start. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks Rick96
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Thanks llawrence9 I will give that a try. Also thanks for the site address of the injector pump
Hello wondering if anyone knows about the kill cable for fuel on my early 60`s Case CK 188 diesel. Ran great for years, parked her about a month ago now she will not start. I checked for fuel, fuel going into the pump checked the screen under fuel inlet and it was clean. I cracked the fuel fitting on # 1 injector and no fuel when cranking her over. I think my kill cable is messed up it only attached to a large spring at the front of engine block. I can put the cable to kill the fuel and then pust it in to start, but it is not attached to the pump in any way. (should it be ) If anyone knows about this please reply to my post. Thanks Rick96
I still have no luck with my case 580 ck starting. I pulled the top cover off and all the parts inside move with the kill cable to off and on. I removed the two screws on the timing cover on the pump. I see the line for the timing mark if I look inside with a mirror and someone cranks her over should I see that shaft rotate inside the timing window.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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