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Case 1845c bucket tilt cylinder sticking

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Was running a case 1845c skid steer and the left side bucket tilt cylinder started moving slower than the right which caused it to twist and bend the mounting plate. I took the plate off and disconnected the cylinders from each side on the rod ends. When i operate the tilt up and down the right cylinder rod extends fast and smooth but the left goes fast then slow then fast again like its sticking or something. It's still got full power but since they move at different speeds its completely screwed up the plate and that's another headache I'll deal with after i get the cylinder problem resolved. I'm thinking something on the inside is messed up? Theres no leaks on the outside seals or lines that i can see. Could it be air inside or a shortage of fluid? Looking at the sight glass for fluid level it is showing about an inch out of about 4 so it is probably a little low but i didn't think that would be the problem. I dont see any damage to the outside of the cylinder and the rods not damaged as far as i can tell. Any ideas or anyone with similar experience?
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Only thing could be an internal leak, allowing fluid to by pass seal, thus slowing down the pressure and accumulation of fluid.
Hi Landon Brown..

I am going to move this to the hydraulic section where I think you will get more responses
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Based on everything I've found online I think your right, just wanted some confirmation before attempting to open it up. Is it a difficult repair to do myself? Do i need special tools like a press? What's the repair cost on something like this if i have to take the cylinder in for a rebuild? Also how much bend can a cylinder rod have and still work properly? It's about 99% straight but putting a straight edge on it does show maybe between 1/32 and 1/16 of a difference across the length of it but i can't imagine that small of a difference would cause the sticking. I guess I'll start researching cylinder rebuilds. Thank you.
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I am going to move this to the hydraulic section where I think you will get more responses
I posted it there as well. This is my first time on here and it took me a few tries to figure out where i was posting. If you want to delete any of my duplicate posts that's fine. I can't see where to delete a post. Thanks.
Depends on how cylinder is put together. Some have screw on ends, others are welded. Welded ones have to be cut. Others who have done will chime in soon.
For the cylinder to retract fast, then slow, then fast again when the other one is working normally would have me looking at the hydraulic hoses going to the cylinder that is acting funny. Something like one of the hoses is getting pinched when the speed slows down. Can't remember exactly how the hoses run on an 1845 as to where they split off to run to each curl cylinder. Hose damage would have to be between the main line tee out to the left curl cylinder and back to the other main line tee.
Another option would be something hit the cylinder and egg shaped the tube and increased friction is causing it to slow down. Either the cylinder wall being bent or a hose being pinched sound like the two most likely causes to me. For the rod being bent causing that, the rod would have to be bent rather far and most likely the end of the cylinder that the rod comes out of would have to move against something to cause the piston to bind up in the cylinder.

How much stroke does it slow down for, like are we talking 3 or 4 inches or a foot or more?
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I'd say about 10 inches or so. Maybe more.
That is a lot for it to be a bent/egg shaped cylinder.
I can see one of the cylinders moving easier than the other if they are both unhooked from the mounting plate.
If you take two hydraulic cylinders and hook up the hydraulic lines, when you put fluid to the cylinders they will not both move the same distance at the same time. You should be able to hold either cylinder from moving by hand as long as the other cylinder has stroke left in the direction it is moving.
But I can not see them putting enough twist on the plate to bend it without something else being wrong.
Any chance the pin that attaches the plate to the boom is seized up on one side or the other?
Just throwing out any possible thoughts as they come to mind.
I saw one once that the stops were welded on incorrectly at the factory. And hitting the stop on one side before the cylinder bottomed out caused the plate to bend, making it very hard to switch attachments. Can not remember what make that machine was.
I am a Cat skid steer guy so I am not exactly on top of how Case has the 1845 set up.
They are all just about the same, line from valve out of machine, up across the boom, tee in line to run to each cylinder. Then line from each cylinder to tee and single line from tee back to valve.
I know a guy that has or had one, if he still has it i may ride by his place to take a look.
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