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Case 108 question...

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I know a fellow who gave me an old Simplicity two wheeled tractor the other day. While I was pulling it out of the old barn I stumbled across an old Case 108 rider. Pretty rough shape but looks like it might run with a little work...

My question is what would be a fair price for this thing. I don't want to take advantage of the old fellow, I'm sure he give it to me if I asked him how much he wanted for it. I'd rather tell him I'd give him X amount for it though...

Thanks for any input.

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The 108's and 118's are lawn tractors that were released in 1972. They are identical in all respects except that the 108's had a Peerless manual trans-axle and the 118's came with a true hydrostatic rear. Both transmissions were belt driven by the 8 hp B & S vertical shaft engines they came with. Headlamps were an option. These would cut grass, plow snow or blow snow as well as tow a trailer but that's pretty much it. They are very well made units and quite collectible.

As for value, that's a toughy. I just paid $150.00 for a 107 and was happy to do it. The 107 is the model made previous to the 108. Condition is important as well as whether it's complete or not. The one I bought is complete, in nice condition and is a running tractor complete with the deck. I tried to buy a 118 from a guy and I offered him $125.00 for it. He had repainted the whole tractor some gawd-awful red and had swapped out the original engine for another Briggs. He still had the original engine but it was non-operative. He found someone to give him $180.00 and that was the end of that.

If you can pick it up for somewhere around $100.00 I think that's pretty fair for both of you.
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While we are on the subject of 100 series... I have a snowblower that I was told came off a 100 series but I can find no evidence of it on the Ingersoll site. It's white, says Ingersoll Hy Cast 32 on the front and what looks like P01for a model #. I would post a picture if I was smart enough. If someone can use it, it's free. Gregg
Thanks for all the input... I think I'll offer $100.00 I'm sure the guy is going to give me the thing. It's been sitting out behind an old barn for probably 20 years....

I'll post some pictures when/if I get it.

If it's been sitting there all that time, why not just ask him what he wants for it? If he hums and haws, then tell him that you were thinking maybe $50.00 for it and see what he says.

The 108's were made for quite a few years. TO ME....the desirable ones are painted Desert Sunset and Power Red but maybe the one you are looking at is Power Red with Power White rims.
This one has a white hood and red frame... the wheels are white... the mowing deck is red too... I'll see what he'll take for it so maybe I'll be able to post some pics.
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