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Carburetor Issues with a JD 216 K341

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I am new to the board and hoping that you guys can help me.

I finally jumped in and purchased a JD 216 mower for $450 running and cutting. It came with a free service manual so I could not pass up the deal especially when others were selling used riding mowers for only $100 dollars less. At least I have a mini tractor.

That said, I cleaned out my fuel filter this past weekend and now my tractor seemed to flood out. So I started trying to adjust the carburetor. I have gotten it to the point that I have gotten the tractor to run stable under the high speed idle w/o a load, but as soon as a load is placed on it, the engine surges and misfires, so I assume I still have some tuning to do.

My manual says that after seating the idle screws, I should make 2 1/2 turns on the high idle and 2 turns on the low idle. I am confused as to what they consider a turn.

1. Meaning is it a full 360 degree turn of the screw or 180 degree turn?
2. How can I tell if I am close? Should I tune the tractor under a load?
3. Listening to the mower operate, how do I know if I should go towards more fuel or turning it to a leaner mixture?

Thanks and I will have many more questions as this is my first riding mower.
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A turn is a full 360 degrees. Turning the screws in makes the fuel mix leaner, turnign the screws out makes it richer. When adjusting the screws, I usually turn out until it starts to run rough in 1/8 turn increments waiting at least 30 seconds before adjusting again, and then turning it in the same way until it runs rough again, and split the difference. Oh and turning it it until "seated" is snug or finger tight only, not wrenched as tight as possible. You probably knew that, but just in case.
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