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Carburetor Issues with a JD 216 K341

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I am new to the board and hoping that you guys can help me.

I finally jumped in and purchased a JD 216 mower for $450 running and cutting. It came with a free service manual so I could not pass up the deal especially when others were selling used riding mowers for only $100 dollars less. At least I have a mini tractor.

That said, I cleaned out my fuel filter this past weekend and now my tractor seemed to flood out. So I started trying to adjust the carburetor. I have gotten it to the point that I have gotten the tractor to run stable under the high speed idle w/o a load, but as soon as a load is placed on it, the engine surges and misfires, so I assume I still have some tuning to do.

My manual says that after seating the idle screws, I should make 2 1/2 turns on the high idle and 2 turns on the low idle. I am confused as to what they consider a turn.

1. Meaning is it a full 360 degree turn of the screw or 180 degree turn?
2. How can I tell if I am close? Should I tune the tractor under a load?
3. Listening to the mower operate, how do I know if I should go towards more fuel or turning it to a leaner mixture?

Thanks and I will have many more questions as this is my first riding mower.
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Thanks, I will give it a shot when I get home, should I do this while it is under a load or should I tune first w/o a load and then tune with a load?
Tune it by ear first to get you in the correct ballpark, then as you use the tractor you can tune it based on engine load requirements.
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