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Carb rebuild question 641 and fuel flow question

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I got a complete rebuild kit for the 1960 641 TSX765, when I took the carb apart the float has a little spring and bracket which sits on top of the float, the kit doesnt come with or even show/mention that bracket and spring in the direction pics, so not sure if I should use it or not? Also how much fuel should I be getting out of that fuel line it takes about 20 seconds to fill the sediment bowl.
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It should fill quickly, sounds like you might have a fuel constriction, most likely trash in the tank has plugged up the inlet to the fuel line. Blow back though the line and see if you can get improved flow.
Yep.. that fuel line should flow a pencil sized stream,.. likely filling the bowl in 3-5 seconds.

check yer tank tap fuel screen.

Thanks again guys for the help, Im gonna pull off the line and check that screen out and maybe clean the tank out. Rebuild went good, but it seems after 10-20 minutes pulling the mower I have to push the clutch and let the engine catch up from stalling.
yep.. check line and tank tap.. might hav ethe screen atop the tap gone and it's needle valve may be plugged up.

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