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carb problems

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hey guys its been a while but been real busy round here what i have done is to try and rebuild the carb and i think i have the spring and the idlerod i think its caller or the goverrod not sure but i would like the placment on where they go if anyone can help the modle # for the Brigs and Sratton 16 is 3264 0139 01 7402191 thats it i hope :praying:
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did you get the frame all fixed and back together.
yep sure did the three point that i got works fine but just didnt have the power because of the carb problems
Generally the engine will run with a higher RPM the farther out on the governor arm that you position the springs. I personally don't see much difference in how the engine runs regardless where I have those springs.


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Here is a copy from my manual if it helps. The second picture is my way to stop the leaking of gas from the carburetor.

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I sure would like a downloadable copy of a carb diagrham,would be nice.
thanks for the diagram but there are a few things there that i dont have
but will try to make the best of it
i will let yall know how it goes
hey found a doner for the parts i needed this thing runs like a champ thanx guys pluss i found someone that knew what they were doing lol thank you again for all the help yall have givin so far
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