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carb linkage on YTH22v46

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Hi all,

I removed my carb because it showed the usual signs of fouling - stalled, wouldn't restart, sprayed starter fluid and it ran for a few seconds. Anyway, took it off, cleaned it as much as I could without taking it apart, and put it back on - what I thought was the right now.

Now I'm not so sure. Still doesn't run, and the fuel feed is ok. I would very much appreciate if if someone could confirm I hooked up the linkage on the left side (facing the engine from the front) correctly. I didn't see it moving when I moved the throttle control.

Images: not sure why they're sideways, they aren't on my computer! I even turn them purposely, and they still come up sideways here.

Here's the linkage, close up (sorry, it's a bit fuzzy):

Here's a shot of the engine, you can zoom in and see the linkage there also:

It snaps into that plastic piece, so I'm guessing that's right. But there's a hook at the bottom - does that snap into something that I'm not seeing?

I really appreciate the help. If I did it right, then I guess I'll have to do a carb teardown!

- Russ
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