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carb adjustment on mtd 15.5 38"

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I just purchased a used mtd mower 15.5 hp 38"....initially it would only run in reverse when I engaged the fwd it would stall or backfire. I adjusted the carb and it seems to run just fine. Is it bad to adjust the carb? It seems like its running super strong when I did it. I changed the air filter , plug and I put a gas/ carb cleaner. It runs great when not mowing. Also the deck vibrates a great deal I noticed one of the cotter pins is broken. Any and all help would be greatful. Im brand new regarding ride ons.
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I'm not familiar with that model, but you would probably get more responses if you posted in the backyard roundtable section, s that's the area for lawn and garden tractors. This is the section for Compact Utility Tractors (CUT's).
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