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Caplugs for JIC Fittings on a Deere 430

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I have a 430 I am restoring and I need to strip it down to the frame. I thought it would be a good idea to plug the hydraulic lines and ports the right way and started search for the right plastic fitting.

It is a little confusing. Can someone give me a reference number on the right plug to buy? I want to cap the fittings on the transmission and hydraulic valves and plug the end of the hard lines. Thanks!!!
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Search the yellow pages for Hydraulics shops or Industrial Supply houses.

Steel caps and plugs are available to withstand system pressures, and easy on/off plastic plugs and caps are available to prevent dust ingestion when cleaning the area of the fittings. The plastic ones usually come on fittings purchased at these shops and are discarded when the shop makes use of a fitting in a system that is in for repairs.
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