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Cant find specifications for my 400

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Hi all!

I don't know why, but I cant find the front and rear axle weight capacity, and any 3pt specs anywhere. Do you guys know the axle capacities, and the 3pt lift height and capacity by chance? Or do you know where to find it? I couldn't find it in the service manual.
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It's either in the service manual or owners manual. It's 1000lbs for the front and 1800 for the rear, IIRC. I am no where near my manuals so I can't verify. Alan Nadeau can also tell you if you want to shoot him a PM. I do not the 3pt specs sorry.
Thanks 69project!

All I can say is WoW!!!
That's way more than I thought. If you take 1800, subtract 500 for the rear of the tractor, 220 for me. tires and you get room for 1000lbs. of load on the rear with 80lbs. give or take. and 500 on the front. that's good to know for making my implements, even though none will be that heavy but for shock load and stuff. I will get the three point, cause I need the height for a 2 bottom 16" disk plow I am making for it (equal to two 8's but I'm hoping the discs will make for less drag. If not I can do one 24" disk and a 20" disc for a 10" furrow.
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