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can't find b&s model 6S info

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I aquired a Jari sickle bar mower today, Thanks You. I've been looking for info on the motor. I got it and the blades all freed up. I fave a very weak spark with great compression ,I know she want's to kick over. The model # 6S , is not showing up any where that I have looked so far. Normaly I can just down load the PDF from the home sight, but even briggs and stratton can't find the model #. Any help would be appretiated.
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For some Jari information try this web site, or call them at 1-800-464-4912, got this information from the web site for parts and etc. for Jari and they are located in Portland, Maine.

Thanks Dick, I just found a parts manual for the engine on E Bay. I picked up a new plug and points from Stihls in Manchester. Now I just have to figure what the gap is on the points.
Thank you Roger, I'm using the key way on the shaft as a referance point. It seems when the key way is @ 2:00 O'clock, the points are @ the closest. Is that TDC and is this where I gap them?, Thanks, Dan
There's only one spot in the rotation that the points will close,it's just before TDC,usually about 5-10 degrees.You don't want to set them there,you can set them anywhere else.Make sure that you have a clean contact surface on the points before you set them,no corrosion,the surface should be bright and shiny,use a points file and file them if the surface is dull at all,after you set them,run a dollar bill through between the points to clean off any oil or residue.If you have some spark,it should get better after that.If it doesn't check your wire,those wires get old and brittle and will crack and short out where they run close to any metal,I usually just change them on any old engine that I do.
Thank you my friend, That did the trick. I have great spark now. I poored a little gas in the carb and spun her over with a drill. She ran on her own for the first tine since 1955(for about 20 seconds). Hey, a start is a start. So I guess I'll START on the carb rebuild in the AM. I'm thinking ( hopen' ) a good cleaning is all it need's. I'll let you now and maybe some pics as well .
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