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yes we ship parts to canada shipping is sometimes around if part is under 2 pounds we have a special member mtf shipping charge on our store must be a registered member on our store to see this flat rate shipping it is basically set at first class international canada rate for 2 pounds problem with first class canada is it can take 6-10 days to get to you so if it is a part you are not much in a hurry to get this same rate is for usa members also but mainly set for canada customers since canada shipping can get outragiously high on parts what we did is have this set price manual price so it shows up a fixed shipping rate

feel free to register on our store let us know what parts you need we will see about putting them in our store .

if they are not there already

this however applies to small items such as spark plugs carb kits air filters bolts screws nuts etc. stuff that is not weigh that much

the bigger weighing parts such as blades etc. will be based on what the actual freight is for canada

when you register please inform us on the registration your user name on here so we know that you are a member on this forum

thank you and look forward to hearing from Canada members

and USA members

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