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can yuo change axle seal with out splitting case?...hydro gear 166768, 314-0510

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this hydro is split vertically...instead of horizontally and has a spring clip on the end of the axle...the diagram shows a spring clip...then retainer ring...and then a lip axle sea...since its not the usual horizontal split transaxle but vertical I am wondering if I can just remove the spring clip and put the seal in from the end without splitting the case..any help would be GREAT!
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From Hydro-Gear Service Manual for the 310-0510 transaxle:

Axle Seal
1. Remove the axle clips (93) from the axle
horns (for units with keyed axle shafts).
2. Remove the seal retaining rings (12).
3. Carefully pull the axle seals (34) out of the
housing bore with a “hook” type tool. Care
must be taken to avoid damage to the housing
bore or to the shaft sealing areas.
4. Lubricate the new seal with petroleum jelly
prior to installation.
5. Wrap the shaft keyway (splines) with cellophane
to prevent damage to the seal lip during
6. Slide the seal over the shaft and press it into
the housing bore.
7. The seal should seat against the sleeve
8. Install the seal retaining rings (12).
9. Install the axle clips (93), if applicable.

See the attached image.

Hope this helps you out!


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