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Can you help me identify this tractor?

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A guy real close by has this tractor for sale.

The price is cheap enough, but Im not very familiar with Moline tractors and he hasnt told me what model it is . he just says its a '58.

I looked up a bunch of pics trying to match it and havent found one that looks like it. And I havent had a chance to look at it in person yet. If I could find out what it is, I could research it more before I go meet with the man.

Can any one here tell me what it is?
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It's a 5 Star, me thinks. LP version.
It's a 5 Star, me thinks. LP version.
I thought that too at first, but I cant find any pics that match this one. All propane tractors I have seen have a bulkier tank , taller and longer with exposed gauges. The gauges on this one are not for gas I dont think.
I thought 5 Star rather than a 445 due to the placement of the brake pedals.
Looks like a 5 Star Utility. Check serial numbers. Hoods are longer on 5 Star as compared to 445. The 5 Star was originally a 555 to follow in the series of 335.445.555. The 555 was already used by Massey so the 5 Star was the new model number and is the first of the constellation series.
I vote for smaller 335 or 445. Have never seen either that small with LP before though. Yes, that is much smaller tank than most had at time.
Moline 445 propane.
1956 to 1959

445 Serial Numbers:

1956: 10100001 (Universal)
1957: 10102855 (Universal)
1958: 10104126 (Universal)
1959: 10104805 (Universal)
1956: 10200001 (utility)
1957: 10201446 (utility)
1958: 10202102 (utility)
1959: 10202243 (utility)
1956: 11100001 (industrial)
1957: 11100076 (industrial)
1958: 11100389 (industrial)
1958: 15200001 (Universal diesel)
1958: 15300001 (industrial diesel)
1959: 15400001 (utility diesel)
1958: 15700001 (military

This is a 1958 5 star.
1957 to 1960

5 Star Serial Numbers:

Location: Side of transmission case

1957: 11000001 (Universal)
1958: 11001058 (Universal)
1959: 11700060 (Universal)
1960: 11700060 (Universal)
1961: 18900041 (Universal)
1957: 14400001 (diesel Universal)
1958: 14400204 (diesel Universal)
1959: 14400786 (diesel Universal)
1960: 14401296 (diesel Universal)
1958: 11200001 (Standard)
1959: 11200212 (Standard)
1960: 11800022 (Standard)
1958: 14500001 (diesel Standard)
1959: 14500166 (diesel Standard)
Final: 14500188 (diesel Standard)

If it is a 58 it could be either one but I think it is a 445. Either way I wish it was for sale in my neck of the woods.
I have lusted for a Moline 445 every since my dad had the dealer bring one to the farm to demonstrate in 1956. Even dad kicked him self for buying the D14 Allis afterwards.
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