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Can You Help Me Identify This Tractor/Mower

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Hello I am looking to Identify this Tractor/mower that I was offered in on trade I havent gotten it yet but am seriously contomplating it. The guy contacted me and said he had a Ranger Mower he wanted to trade for some electronics I had for sale. So when I heard Ranger the first thing I thought of was Wheel Horse He sent me a couple pictures of it. From the pictures I could tell for one that the engine was not original more than likely looks like the hood had been cut to clearance the Air filter cover. I could alos tell it was not what I was expecting as I have no Idea what model that it is or what it could be I can also tell it is in dier need of saving. He said its been in his barn for about 10 years but it looks like it sat in the weather for a period of time prior to being put in that barn either that or he has it under a whole in the roof as the looks to be quite a bit of surface rust but It could be a lot of dirt aswell. I will attach the best picture he sent me as I only got a couple but this one shows the majority of the thing I appreciate your help and any help is greatly appreciated.
P.S It has a gear drive trans and by a pic he sent it has an H shift patern so I know it has to be one of two things either a 3sp with reverse of a 4sp with reverse. It could be an 8 speed and have a High and low shifter but I didnt get to see the other side of the tractor to look for that shifter. Any way here it is Thanks Josh


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Your picture is quite small and its hard to tell for sure, but I don't thinks its a wheel horse.
That's a pitiful picture. If he wants to trade that, he better get it out and clean it up. Make it look like something.

IF it is a Lawn Ranger, it isn't highly desirable. They're a dime a dozen even in good shape. Cut up and modified,$50.
I just have no clear idea what it is I know its a small something. Not so sure I even want to trade the stuff I have for it. I am sorry about the small pics I tried to enlarge them so I will attach the enlarged photos this time maybe thatll help Identifying it. If its not a wheel Horse what could it be the guy said the only words he could make out on it were ranger. I also am pretty sure its a 3sp with reverse no high low lever any where and I dont believe its like my MF10 and MF12 with that first "granny gear" then barely over to second and so on. Anyway here are those enlarged pics I appreciate the help Thanks


They arent a great deal larger but its better than the first the guy is supposed to try to look for an ID tag on it for me to help identify aswell as take a picture of the font end (grille shot) aswell as take a picture of the rear. Im not sure I want it but I would like to know what its is thanks Josh
Well its not a wheel horse if you could take a picture of the front of the hood.
maybe a old Toro not connected to wheel horse
For sure it's not--again--like Jerry stated--I saw an old TORO--with a smaller steering wheel on it, a good while back...

Wonder how many year's dirt /dust is accumulated on it from sitting in that spot?
it could be a old MTD like I said need more pictures rear end and front of hood the dash sure looks like the MTD,s
Me? I'd feel really bad taking it away from the chickens. They've gotten real comfortable with it.
The guy told me it had been sitting in his barn for between 7 and 10 years not touched he said he had bought it at an auction with some stuff he got and since these pictures it doesnt say ranger anywhere on it. He said he couldnt read the Id plates and its no wonder with all the crap on it it has potential but I dont think I want to invest my stuff in it when i could list it on ebay and possibly have enough to get a pre 68 ranger or other round hood horse. Any way Id still like to find out what it is here are some more pics of the grille and such.


It's an old MTD of some sort. Jut had one just like it, used some body parts and junked the rest.
looks like a briggs engine
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