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Can you guys show me......

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Hey everyone. I usually hang out on the blue and white forum but i wanted a little help

I was at my uncles and saw he had a green motor that had a john deere decal on it so, me being curious, i took the numbers off of it and looked on the internet.

Now about a year later the thread on the rebuild of the 2 RER's got me inyerested in it again but i can't remember what the motor was for :banghead: I re looked and didnt find anything on it

I remember it was a tecumseh V50 and it was for a jd RER i think it was a 5x series.

If i am correct can someone show me some pictures, info, brochures anything? You never hear much talk of them and i kind of have a soft spot for RERs :)

If you guys could help i would be greatfull. Have a good day

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Mikey, the 55 Rear engine rider did have the V50

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