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Can you guys show me......

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Hey everyone. I usually hang out on the blue and white forum but i wanted a little help

I was at my uncles and saw he had a green motor that had a john deere decal on it so, me being curious, i took the numbers off of it and looked on the internet.

Now about a year later the thread on the rebuild of the 2 RER's got me inyerested in it again but i can't remember what the motor was for :banghead: I re looked and didnt find anything on it

I remember it was a tecumseh V50 and it was for a jd RER i think it was a 5x series.

If i am correct can someone show me some pictures, info, brochures anything? You never hear much talk of them and i kind of have a soft spot for RERs :)

If you guys could help i would be greatfull. Have a good day

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Lets try this again... sorry, was trying to make it bigger
Thank you very much jim that is what i was lookong for. Looks like it was a model 55, 56, 65 or 65 deere it came from. Next time im at his house i will get a picture of it. It is in pretty good physical shape im not sure if it runs

If anyone has any additional info i would love to hear it:)

I forgot i took notes on all my mower stuff and i just found them now. It is a JD55 that this motor came out of. Does anyone have any pictures of one or info on it?

Mikey, the 55 Rear engine rider did have the V50

Thanks joecdeere that is a cool picture. They look pretty neat. I may keep a look out for one cheap locally. I heard that the engine has a 7/8 crankshaft that has no replacement. The motor we have may even be NOS because my uncle helped out a local wheelhorse/JD dealer and they gave him alot of free stuff. This was back about that time frame

I was finally back there and got a few pictures. They are only phone quality and his barn isn't very well lit so sorry for the poor quality
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1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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