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Can you Garden with a Gravely!!??

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I have a 50 X 300 garden. My method of gardening for the past few years has been to;
Every couple years (not every year!!) Gravely rotary plow the garden with the 566,
plant 36 inch spaced rows,
till early with a 20" wide Troy Bilt,
mulch heavily (up to 9 inches deep) as time and energy permits,
enjoy a relatively weed free garden!! :drunkie:

Recently I have been wondering about using the 566 for more than semi-seasonal plowing. Maybe the Gravely would be less work than the Troy Bilt.

Have you used the 2 wheel tractor for cultivating?

What attachment do you use?

Is there a "push cultivator"? Something like this;

Could I convert the above cultivator to attach to the 566?

How wide of row spacing do I have to go to?

I have lots of rocks, so the rotary cultivator is probably not an option due to breakage.

I am ready to get started laying out the garden, Please help!
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What is wrong with the rotary cultivator?
It is hard to break the new style cultivator.
It can be done.... I've snapped the chain & broken several tines in 2.
slip clutch not working?
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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