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Can you Garden with a Gravely!!??

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I have a 50 X 300 garden. My method of gardening for the past few years has been to;
Every couple years (not every year!!) Gravely rotary plow the garden with the 566,
plant 36 inch spaced rows,
till early with a 20" wide Troy Bilt,
mulch heavily (up to 9 inches deep) as time and energy permits,
enjoy a relatively weed free garden!! :drunkie:

Recently I have been wondering about using the 566 for more than semi-seasonal plowing. Maybe the Gravely would be less work than the Troy Bilt.

Have you used the 2 wheel tractor for cultivating?

What attachment do you use?

Is there a "push cultivator"? Something like this;

Could I convert the above cultivator to attach to the 566?

How wide of row spacing do I have to go to?

I have lots of rocks, so the rotary cultivator is probably not an option due to breakage.

I am ready to get started laying out the garden, Please help!
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My wife won't let me used the rotary cultivator between the rows once the plants are strong. She says it damages the root system. Her harvests are so good, I'm not going to disagree with her.
It is hard to break the new style cultivator.
It can be done.... I've snapped the chain & broken several tines in 2.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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