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Can We Get "Tool-holder" Creative?

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I got a toolholder off wjohn, hoping to get busy building a cultivator.

Well, a CL find later, and I have a complete cultivator!!

Now, I still have the toolholder!!

There must be some creative uses for this thing!! Heck, they have been around for 3/4 of a century!

Did Gravely ever offer other uses for it? :dunno:

So far, this is the uses I have come up with:

Sawhorse anchor - I was worried about the sawhorse blowing away, the toolholder kept it in place.

Shooting rest - I use it as a variable height rear shooting rest, when controlling varmints.

Is there any uses for this thing that will get me to attach it to the tractor? :hide:
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I have seen the smaller grader blades mounted on the tool holder, and the possibilities of whatever you can mount on the front of a Gravely well, that is just a nice study mount.

You could set one up as a cultivator, and the other as a hiller.

Worst case, you can use it as a front cover to keep oil in the chassis.

Hey, mount a caster to it so that you can roll the tractor around without an attachment, well maybe a caster and some weight.

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I have one that a guy turned into a non-powered sub-pull to bury phone wire from one end of his place to the other.

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Throw a hitch ball through the front center hole and it makes the Gravely into a nice trailer mover. You have to push down on the handlebars to pick the trailer up, so it doesn't work with real heavy ones, but I've used it a couple of times to move my 6x10 flat bed trailer. I'm actually using a broken tool-holder, where the top plate is now only half the length it should be, which gives me better leverage. My Grandad had it in his shed, but I have no idea how the break happened. I'm sorry I don't have any pics handy
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I'm glad to see that you have a complete toolholder now!

My vote is the shooting rest :fing32:

Actually, the grader blade would be neat...
Here are two pictures of a Gravely "Mini Blade" that Gravely sold for the tool holder. So much easier to work with than the the 48" Gravely blade.

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