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Can Someone Help

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Hoping Someone Can Tell Me What Year My Machine Is , Allis Chalmers B-110 Serial # 060466 .. Thanks In Advance , Rick ...
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Probably 1968. The tractor can most accurately be dated by the date code on the engine if it still has the original engine.
Welcome Rick! The B-110 was the first machine I had. Was my grandfather's since new, and we 'restored' it in 1999 in his favorite color...AC orange. I still use it for all my mowing, tilling, snow pushing, etc.

We'd love to see some pictures of your rig! Using my '68 as a reference (serial #070027), I think it's fair to assume yours is a 1968 also. I'm not sure there is any info on their numbering conventions for these machines. As noted above, the date of the Briggs is a good indicator. The serial number is tough to see, and is stamped into the steel on the shroud, below the air breather.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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