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Can I use a larger front blade for my x304?

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My x304 has a standard 44" front blade available, but I never see them come up used except for the overpriced secondary market places far away.
I've seen a [email protected] of 46" and 48" blades offered locally for reasonable prices.

Is anyone familiar with the interchangeability?
Am I stuck with looking for a 44"

Is there any cross reference for what other accessories I may be able to use on the X304 and same base platform tractors?
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The 44 blade is standard for the X300 series.
The 48 blade for the X500 series.
The 54 blade for the X700 series.

They are sized for what size the tractor you have.
I wouldn't do it.
But another alternative is blade extensions kit.
There are some good ones on Ebay for all three blade sizes.
I bought one for my 48 blade from a seller in Ohio who custom makes them and good quality.

GL with it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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