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Can I use a larger front blade for my x304?

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My x304 has a standard 44" front blade available, but I never see them come up used except for the overpriced secondary market places far away.
I've seen a [email protected] of 46" and 48" blades offered locally for reasonable prices.

Is anyone familiar with the interchangeability?
Am I stuck with looking for a 44"

Is there any cross reference for what other accessories I may be able to use on the X304 and same base platform tractors?
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The OEM Deere 48inch Blade that is Marketed for the X500 series will fit On the X304. If You don't have the On Board spring assist You will need to Buy that as well I Know some X300 & X304 Models May not Have come from the Factory with the On Board spring assist Kit Because the 42inch deck does not require the spring assist to be used. But You will need it for the OEM 48inch Front Blade. The 46inch Blade with separate lift handle is for the Deere 100 L, LA, D & E series tractors. The nice thing about the 48inch Blade is You do Get a spring trip that You don't get On the 44inch Blade. As Steve said Just be careful with Utilizing a 48inch Blade when Plowing snow:thThumbsU
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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