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Can I run this Tiller w/ this tractor

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I am looking at a tiller that's up for sale....the posting states that.....(This tiller will fit from a 1973 to a 2007 wheelhorse. As long as its one from a C , 300/400/500 series with the only exeptions being C195 and the 520 after 1997)

My understanding is that I have a 1977 Wheel Horse its a B-80 not sure how that fits into the ones listed as compatible above? am I out of luck cause it says from the c series?

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My understanding is that the 'B' series were lawn and garden tractors and the 'C' series were garden tractors. I think you're out of luck. The 'B's weren't meant for serious ground engaging implements like a tiller.
awh man, Maybe another size or make of tiller then? The guy that sold me the Wheel Horse said that it had a tiller behind it but he had sold it just a few weeks before I bought it. I was thinking I could hook up to a single turnover plow blade and break up the dirt then then go over the plot w/ the tiller.
You might look for a Sears or other make of tiller that has its own engine and wheels to put on the back of your B-80.
I was also thinking a tiller with its own engine might work, better. It wouldn't matter if your machine's engine was a horizontal or vertical motor. I've seen some stand alone tillers recently in the Boston area for little money, BUT the listings on CL didn't last too long. They are in very high demand.
you might ask this in the wheelhorse section but I think it might still work I had a b-80 and my friend had a c there was not much difference
Thanks I will ask this in the Wheel Horse section.
Theres a Wheel horse tiller for sale down here in Columbia SC on CL for 120 , real good buy ! maybe it will fit yours
B series that could take a tiller was the B100 36inch tiller & the B145 could take a 30inch tiller
B-80 attachments
40inch Mid mount grader Blade
42inch front Dozer Blade
Moldboard Plow
Electric lift
Slot or Clevis hitch(sleeve Hitch)
The tiller can probably fit on it and run off it But Wheel horse did not market the 36inch tiller for it Thinking the 8hp engine was under powered for running it I guess. In the 70's the B-series was still a Garden tractor series By 1980 it was just a Lawn tractor series.
In the 70's the A-series was the lawn tractor series By 1980 it was just a Rear engine rider series.
This model 7-1252 36inch tiller fit both the B & C series tractors Though it was only marketed towards the B100 I'm sure that tiller would fit on the B-80 anyways:thThumbsU
All good points, I have a line on one in Clover SC. I found a u-tube video of a guy w/ a B-80 running a tiller. And the guy I bought this Wheel Horse from had a tiller hooked up and running but sold the tiller a few weeks before I bought the Tractor.
Picked my tiller up today, to dark to look for numbers tonight. I will look tomorrow. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am missing a part. There are two pullies on the tiller its self. I think there is a piece that goes under the tractor that would fit in where the mowing deck fits to position the belt under the belly of the mower. If I don't have that is it hard to find and is it going to cost me an arm and a leg to get? I have a feeling I don't want to ask that. My dad is a master welder is there something out there that would have the specks he also specializes in bule print reading and fabrication. I will post up the #s tomorrow if I can find any, any suggestions on where to look for the #s on the tiller?
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