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Can anyone tell me what I have here

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Got this givin to me and thought about fixen it up but don't know what it is, The guy told me it was a wheel horse but I can't find one like it. It has a couple of nice features, 2 shifters, square axels, it has an 8 hp on it. Can Anyone Help???????:thanku:

click the pics they get bigger.
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It is a WH rear end, but I can't identify the front. Some kind of Hybrid?
It all looks WH but the hood and front.
Any idea what model WH?
Looks like it has a CubCadet hood on it and the engine hasd been replaced too.
My guess is a Wheel Horse C series 8 speed around a 73 to 75 model with the hinged rear fenders.
I could be a collection of used parts. Check the rear axles they should be 1 1/8" diameter if it what think it is. If it has 1" axles it could be a B series from around the same time.
As has already been said the engine has been changed and the hood and grill is from something else. Wheel Horse did build some with a 11 HP Briggs, but that engine looks smaller. It is definitely the wrong color.
wheel horse dash, frame, trans, battery box, fenders...the front looks like an MTD of some kind?
I'm with "Famerall" looks all Wheel Horse with an early Cub Cadet hood (maybe) attached over the top of the Wheel Horse hood.
I'm going to guess it's a later Raider series "70/71?" of undetermined horse power since the engine as mentioned above is not original.
Check under the dash for a tag with a serial & model number.
Have fun with your project, I've seen worse saved.
Anyone got the right sheetmetal (or a pic of what it is supposed to look like):thanku: for the front of this thing? I would love to fix this thing up to play with.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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