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Can anyone identify what this electric part is

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I have a Ford 8N tractor, this is new to me. The tractor does not seem to be getting any fire, one of the first things I notice is this part behind the ignition switch. It looks faulty to me but I have no idea what it is or does. Can anyone provide me any info, please!


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That would be the ballast resistor for your coil. You can get new ones at Yesterday's tractor, or a bunch of other places online, just need to know whether it's 12 volt or 6. If you have a voltmeter, you can check it for continuity, there are also circuit diagrams and manuals in the manual section that may help. :)
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The tractor has been converted to 12 volt, would this be the same as a voltage regulator? I find them available but not ballast resistors!
Ford Resistor for Ford 8N,9N,2N,600,700,800,900,501,601,701,801,901,2000,3000,4000 - 8NE10306
This is for a 12 volt setup, doesn't look the same as your old one, but they work. Not at all the same thing as a voltage regulator, the coil resistor just limits current through the ignition coil. Yours looks like it might have broken, so it could be the culprit for no power to the ignition coil. The older style one looks like this:
Ford Resistor Assembly, Ignition Coil for Ford 9N,2N - A8NN12250B

Here's one on ebay: A8NN12250A Ford New Holland Tractor 8N Ign Coil Resistor Assembly 87056839 | eBay

Looks like the search term that works is "Ford 8N coil resistor".
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Before you trot out the credit card, you might want to verify with a voltmeter that you're not getting power to the coil... you can get a cheap voltmeter at radio shack or napa for 10-15 bucks, definitely a tool worth having.
Thanks for the help, I am learning new stuff about this tractor every day, this seems to be a great forum for this and I appreciate the help
Oh yeah, people have helped me bunches in here! Working on fixing up my 1941 9N, which is pretty similar to yours, just a bit older, so it's been nice to have so many people offer help when I run into something I don't know. Welcome to MTF, and good luck getting your 8N going! :greendr:
You did find the manuals and parts books section, right?

Sometimes it helps to google for a part if you know the official part number or name, and having the factory and IT manuals handy has solved a few issues for me.
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