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Campfire Cowhorn Biscuits

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Growing up in an outdoorsy family, we spent many a summer vacation camping in the wilds of the Nantahala National Forest in western North Carolina. Some of my best memories from my childhood are my cousin, my brother and myself running around like wild men all day in the hemlock forests, keeping a watchful eye for rattlers and copperheads at our mothers' warnings, halfway hoping to find one. Then at night, my Papaw would come up to the camp site after work and he and my uncle would break out the guitars, banjo and fiddle and lay down a little NC bluegrass while we cooked "Campfire Cowhorn Biscuits" on sticks over the fire. I don't know who in our group thought up the idea for these biscuits, but I will forever remember how those biscuits smelled fresh off the fire, filled with strawberry jelly and butter, with the sounds of the crackling fire, laughter and music echoing through the BlueRidge Mountains, while we sat around in lawn chairs as a family, enjoying something that money can't buy.

What you'll need:

Canned biscuits

A seasoned hardwood stick, about 1-1/2 inches to 2-1/2 inches in diameter, whittled clean on the end

A campfire

Someone special to share it with, either in body or spirit

These biscuits are really easy to make and are a blast for the kids. Simply wrap a single biscuit fresh out of the can around the end of your whittled stick, fashioning the end so that it is closed, then spiraling around until you have created a "cowhorn" shape.

It doesn't matter how big or small your fire is, as long as you've got a little flame going! Hold the cooking stick over the fire, just out of reach of the flames and keep it turning every few seconds until the biscuit is nice and brown and flaky. Once it is getting nice and brown, hold it a little farther from the flame to let the very inside next to the stick finish getting done, or else the inside will be too doughy. You may have to try a couple to get it down pat, but that is part of the fun.

When you get them done, the possibilities are endless as far as fillings go. We used to fill them with chocolate sauce, jelly, butter, but you could put just about anything in there. Here are some we filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and smoked ham.

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Thanks for posting this. Easy way to make biscuits and fun for kids of all ages. Never thought about using the canned biscuits over a fire but it sure would be easy.

The smell and taste of biscuits cooked over an open fire is something special for sure. Fresh caught trout fried in bacon grease would go well with those.

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We tried this yesterday down in our woods, with pretty good results. We used Pillsbury Grands Buttermilk Biscuits. It was experimentation day, as we are headed out on a long-overdue motorhome trip next month. So we did a couple of biscuits on a stick, some in a "Camp Cooker" AKA Pie Iron, and one straight on the grill with a cover over it.

All of them came out nicely.

With the pie iron/camp cooker, we tried one by itself, and then tried 2 side-by side, elongating them so they would fit.

The cooker is also handy for making square eggs for sandwiches. :)

No pics, but here's what the Coghlan's Cam Cooker looks like:

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New Years eve we had our annual "burn the brush pile" party. I'd made up several sticks to cook the Cowhorns on. They were a great success and thanks again for posting the idea.

We did find that leaving the sticks in an elevated position over the fire to keep them well pre-heated made a marked difference in how long it took to cook the biscuits. Stuffing them with Taco filling or just with butter and jam seemed to be the most popular for kids of all ages.

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This sounds awesome! Have a few "clean out the freezer for dinner on the fire" nights!!! ALways a good time!!!! Ill try that next time
Thanks for posting! Those look really good. My kids are a great age right now for camping. We will do those for sure our first trip next summer. My wife is a girl guide leader so they will be done at their camp outs as well.
Looks wonderful , I'll have to try that . Thanks for posting .

Sounds like you had a great time growing up. I especially like the Bluegrass part, and the eating. I showed the wife and she said we are trying that next time we get to have a camp fire. She really like the looks of the eggs, cheese and ham. We use the pie cookers(we call them Tonkas) and they are a lot of fun. :thThumbsU
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I really like this!! We are going camping at the end of the month, and this will def be fun for all!
My own favorite is Indian Fry Bread w/ frijoles or ham and beans.
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