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Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer help

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This paint sprayer was left with paint in it years ago and it was finally dragged out and with a lot of cleaning and new O-rings it breathed new life and would moved water. The problem is that the gun was taken apart years ago as well but not put back together. I'm having trouble finding any parts (nozzle, filter) for this gun and was looking for any help in locating these parts. Any help would be appreciated.


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So my Dad bought a new airless paint sprayer (to replace this one) and I took the gun from the new one and put it on this old one and it fit the hose perfectly. Took it up to a neighbor's to try it out and it looked promising but it only had pressure for a few seconds then it would go away. I gave up and washed it out and realized the valve assembly was not tight to the pump (leaking water everywhere) and once i tightened that up and thinned the paint out a little It worked like a champ:fing32:. It was even making the hydraulic release knock the way it was supposed to. Not bad for having a bunch of paint dry in it and sitting for 20 years.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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