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Came across a 8 speed transaxle, along with a 4 speed

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Since my Wheel Horse's transaxle went out I've been on a quest to find
yet another one to replace it.

I've actually found two of them... 1 is a 4 speed while the other is an
8 speed. They would be coming from a repair shop that works on lawn
mowers, he wants $100 for the 4 speed and $150 for the 8 speed, now for the bad news.... he doesn't know if they have water in them and thinks that the 8 speed kicks out of 3rd gear.

Is this kind of steep for transaxles that may or may not be in good working
condition? I think that I maybe better off just looking for a whole tractor
again, or at least a cheaper/ more prominent one.

In the end I guess it's all about supply and demand...

I only have til' the beginning of summer to find a good one then after that
Rob said it'll be time to start fabricating the new rear frame for the use of
the Bolens G14xl rear end that he has lying around.

Ok, off to bed worked a double shift and have another one coming up
tonight, thanks for any advice on the transaxle's.


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Price is way too high. $50 to $75 is the milestone for a standard tranny.
They are pretty easy to find in spring and summer.

I know there are some large mower graveyards in Pennsylvania.
Do an internet search for them.
Merrie . I have a local to me tractor/lawn equipment repair shop that has probably over 100 different machines . I do not know if he has what your looking for but if you want I can stop by in the next few days and get his phone number for you and you can call him directly to see if he has what you need .

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$150 for a trans full of water and kicks out of gear. Amazing!

Give this guy a try. He's my best supplier. I forget he may be in PA.

[email protected]
I Bought an 8 speed to replace the 4 speed in my wheel horse for $50, but I needed 1 1/8" hubs to finish it. While looking for a set of hubs, I found a trashed wheelhorse that had an 8 speed complete and shifts good for $35. Now I have an extra 8 speed I don't need or want. It's all out there if you aren't in a hurry.
The repair shop wants top dollar for bad stuff. That's really not the place for bargains.
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Merrie. I paid 157.50 for my 8 speed shipped from Florida to Iowa , A little pricey but it was in excellent shape.ABC s tranny would be a steal !
Thanks everyone for answering/commenting.....

Sorry it took so long for me to get back on MTF, but with double shifts and
me working 3rd shift to start with getting any extra time was either spent
sleeping or spending time with the family!!!!!!


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Didn't take a load of googling Merrie, but I found a couple of the 8 speeds for $65-$90. Maybe he meant $150 with a brand new pair of ag lugs?

BTW, you can always PM Joes Outdoor Power. He always does well by the members here.
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