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Cam Followers; Resurfacing?

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Getting ready to put together the 1961 LI engine (updated to 7.6hp specs) and in looking over the cam followers (lifters) there is very slight wear on the contact surface of both followers in the single piece housings I will be using. Since the originals (from the two piece housings) have very few hours on them and do not have as pronounced markings as the replacements, I expect to use the originals in the new single piece housings.
To get to the point, has anyone ever had the followers/lifters resurfaced by a machine shop? Any idea how this is done? Old time auto machine shops used to do all kinds of resurfacing/rebuilding that would be unthinkable these days and I'm not even sure that the tooling exists anymore; at least in the shop I have access to. I am in the process of looking into this locally and if necessary even looking at a shop outside our area with this ability. Anyone have any leads?
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When I was a teenager and worked at a Gravely dealer, my boss would grind the surface on a bench grinder. I guess it worked. We never had a come-back on engine performance. Also, you can turn the lifter (cam follower) around and have it wear on the other side.
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